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Parent Information


There are several ways to contact our school for student absences:

  • notify on Skoolbag/Seesaw App
  • note in student diary on day of return
  • telephone Front Office
  • speak to teacher in person

The Department for Education require an explanation for all absences. The school works closely with an Attendance Officer to monitor student attendance.


Children who have minor accidents or are sick at school are administered first aid. In the event of children needing further attention, parents will be contacted. Seriously injured children will be sent to hospital by ambulance.

Behaviour Management

At Poonindie Primary School we focus on teaching & modelling to children rather than punishment for mistakes. Behaviour management is based on an agreed set of Common Expectations, which are outlined in the Behaviour Code and Management policy. Behaviour expectations and consequences are outlined in this document. School expectations and consequences are discussed with students throughout the year. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour choices

Camps & Excursions

During their time at school, children will be given opportunities to go on camps and excursions visiting places of interest related to the current curriculum topics. We strive to keep costs as low as possible and appreciate the fact that parents have many other financial commitments.


When enrolling your child at the school, a number of forms need to be completed. A health information form is required to ensure that the school is aware of any special medical conditions. Contact details for parents and emergency contact people are important so we can keep in touch with you and take optimum care of your child should they become unwell.
DfE require further information for statistical purposes. This information is updated annually and treated as confidential.

Hot Weather

If the temperature is greater than 37 C all children will be kept inside in the air-conditioned building. Sunscreen is available in each classroom and wide brimmed hats must be worn during Terms 1 & 4.